1989 - 1998
Dr. Collin Tiew started workshop to assist the brain injured children
Set-up "Special Education" training center
Provide special education, counseling, training, treatment to the brain injured children

1998 - 2007
Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Insan (Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur & Selangor)officially registered

PKKII objectives are to:

* Provide treatments
* Special education training to brain injured children as well as their parents and public in Malaysia
* Create a public awareness to nature an intelligent for the next generation

PKKII provides the following services:

1. Provide accurate information on "Brain Injured" and special education.
2. To train more coaches and counselors.
3. Conduct public seminars.
4. Carry out research
5. Education financial assistance.
6. Provide special education to patients.
7. Provide psychological development to patient.
8. Public services.



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